Reference Standards - Custom Synthesis

Noramco offers well-characterized, highly purified analytical reference standards for routine analysis, method validation and development, commercial investigations, stability studies and other product development activities.

In addition to a catalogue of more than 175 reference standards, Noramco can synthesize a wide variety of compounds in quantities ranging from 1 milligram to 100 grams. Our scientists evaluate the molecular structure of your compound and provide a proposal to synthesize it efficiently and economically.

Request a proposal

Tell us about your reference standard requirements, the compound, the quantity you require, and your preferred timeframe for delivery. We will respond with a proposal in short order.

Benefits of working with Noramco on custom synthesis of reference standards

  • Expert in highly efficient routes to complex compounds
  • Outstanding cGMP track record at facilities in Delaware and Georgia (USA)
  • Extensive knowledge of controlled substance and DEA requirements


  • Comprehensive analytical, regulatory, physical properties, and stability support
  • Integration of quality by design to API development and manufacture