Building out our ADHD capability for customers that want to work with us strategically throughout the ADHD range of technology, Noramco now offers a full range of APIs. ADHD focus products, an area which leverages our controlled substance expertise, and over a decade of supply, is an increasingly important technology platform within Noramco. Customers may call on us for high-quality Methylphenidate HCl, DexMethylphenidate, and Amphetamine Salts.

Multi-metric Ton Supplies for World Markets

As demand rises for ADHD focus products worldwide, Noramco is qualified to supply high-quality APIs to world markets from two cGMP FDA-inspected production facilities. We offer ADHD APIs in the quantities required, from kilos to multi-metric ton commercial supply.

Custom Particle Sizes to Meet Formulation Requirements

When working with one or more oral dosage forms, Noramco offers multiple particle sizes to meet your ADHD product formulation requirements. Ask us how we serve Pharmaceutical customers with custom supply solutions, global regulatory support and technical assistance based on more than 10 years of expertise in ADHD API manufacture.