The Noramco Difference

Pharmaceutical companies trust Noramco to produce ultra-pure synthetic cannabinoid active ingredients that meet the strictest regulatory requirements of health authorities around the world. High capacity cGMP production facilities in Europe and the United States yield ultra-pure Cannabidiol (CBD), Dronabinol (THC), and Nabilone active ingredients.

Addiction Treatment

For more than a decade Noramco has consistently delivered large volumes of Nal-family compounds and Buprenorphine HCI to the pharmaceutical industry. Noramco has made a long-term commitment to antagonist APIs, providing both the technologies and expertise pharmaceutical companies require to produce and commercialize addiction treatment and abuse prevention products (ATAP).

Latest News

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Say Hello to Jackie Johnson

Communication is key for Staff Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planner Jackie Johnson. She corresponds with personnel in various departments on the daily basis, collecting essential customer information which she uses to create efficient production plans to meet customer forecasts.

Say Hello to Dan Hallow

Making active pharmaceutical ingredients at an extraordinary level of quality is one of the most challenging milestones to reach within the pharmaceutical industry, but nobody does that better than the chemical engineers at Noramco. More specifically, process engineers, like Dan Hallow.

ADHD API Portfolio

Building out our ADHD capability for customers that want to work with us strategically throughout the ADHD range of technology, Noramco now offers a full range of APIs. ADHD focus products, an area which leverages our controlled substance expertise, and over a decade of supply, is an increasingly important technology platform within Noramco. Customers may call on us for high-quality Methylphenidate HCl, DexMethylphenidate, and Amphetamine Salts.