“Committed to the prevention of opioid abuse and addiction”

Nal-type compounds attenuate or completely block the receptor-binding effects of opioids. These APIs are opioid antagonists, blocking the mu-opioid receptor and kappa opioid receptor, as well as to a lesser extent the delta-opioid receptors.

Noramco offers Naloxone Hydrochloride, Naltrexone base and Naltrexone Hydrochloride for use in addiction and abuse deterrence pharmaceutical products. The Noramco Nal-family of APIs are filed in every major regulatory region in the world. For more product details, and product specifications, contact Noramco.

Committed to the prevention of opioid abuse and addiction

Noramco is committed to supporting the scientists and formulators solving the challenges associated with ethical products containing controlled substances. Research is underway to determine how it may be possible to utilize Nal technologies in conjunction with controlled substances to deliver a therapeutic benefit, such as pain relief, without unwanted side effects.

Researchers from academia and industry are invited to work with Noramco to substantiate novel solutions using Nal technologies. For more information, or to request a meeting, contact Noramco.