Noramco, a major producer of APIs, has the licenses, technology, and knowledge to also produce a range of starting materials and key intermediates. Oxymorphone base and Noroxymorphone are routinely produced on a large scale for internal purposes, and for sale to other manufacturers of APIs.

Producers of APIs may now call on Noramco as a primary or secondary source in a range of key chemical intermediates. Ask how we support the supply chain of major manufacturers of APIs, not only within the controlled substance space but in other major classes of pharmaceutical products as well.

The benefits of working with Noramco in chemical intermediates include:

  • Expert in highly efficient routes for intermediates and APIs
  • Outstanding cGMP track record at facility in Delaware (USA)
  • Extensive knowledge of controlled substance and DEA requirements


  • Comprehensive analytical, regulatory, physical properties, and stability support
  • Integration of quality by design to API development and manufacture

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