Noramco Announces Provisional Patent Application of Proprietary Cannabidiol (CBD)

Filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office covers pure cannabidiol compositions

Wilmington, DE – Noramco, a global leading producer of controlled substances, including cannabinoids for the pharmaceutical industry, today announced that it has filed a provisional patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) directed to its proprietary pure cannabidiol (CBD) compositions. The proprietary purity profile of Noramco’s CBD compositions allows daily dosing of therapeutic amounts of CBD without the concomitant administration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) above threshold amounts. Further, the compositions can be tailored as desired to contain various ratios of other cannabinoids, which can desirably simulate the so-called “entourage effect” of natural cannabis.    

“Making cannabidiol that is free of the issues associated with THC is essential to health authorities around the world,” said Bill Grubb, Vice President of Business Development and Innovation, Noramco. “Cannabidiol produced by Noramco has been independently verified to be more than 1000x lower than the recent FDA declaration of <0.1% THC in approved formulations; these ultra-low levels comfortably meet Canadian Health Authority requirements for natural health products.” 

The cannabidiol compositions patent application once converted into a US non-provisional, utility application, will provide composition of matter protection for Noramco’s CBD compositions as well as formulations, synthetic methods, and methods of treatment, effective upon a grant of a US patent.

Noramco also plans to pursue an international (PCT) application, from which national-stage patent applications can be submitted in jurisdictions around the world. It is expected that patents issued from these applications will provide legal protection for Noramco’s latest CBD technology at least until 2039.

“Supplying high-purity cannabinoids to meet a significant unmet medical need reflects the core of our capability. Today, Noramco is the only company that can produce cannabidiol at a level of purity and scales that the pharmaceutical industry requires to go to market, anywhere in the world,” said Grubb.

Noramco has more than a decade of expertise in cannabinoids. The company produces synthetic cannabidiol (CBD); tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); nabilone, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of cannabinoid reference standards in the form of crystalline powder.

“Today’s announcement builds on over a decade of experience in cannabinoids and provides the assurance of a fully redundant supply chain for highly pure cannabidiol in both Europe and the United States,” said Grubb.

About Noramco
Noramco, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is a leading North American producer of controlled substances bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for the pharmaceutical industry. The company offers cannabinoids and other APIs for use in abuse deterrence, attention deficit disorder, pain management, and addiction management. Established in 1979, Noramco maintains production and R&D facilities in Delaware and Georgia (USA); and Neuhausen, Switzerland; and accesses agricultural operations in Tasmania through an affiliate, Tasmanian Alkaloids. Additional information about Noramco can be obtained by visiting Noramco’s web site at

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