Noramco Moves European R&D and Logistics Teams to New Facility

Research and logistics professionals responsible for Noramco’s European operations now operate out of a new facility in Neuhausen, Switzerland. Approximately 30 employees work at the state-of-the-art center, conducting research in the area of controlled APIs, managing quality control systems for products produced on the European continent, and overseeing logistical operations, such as the movement of raw materials and APIs throughout the world.

Tobias Haag (right)

Europe also remains as an important focal point of Noramco’s plan to expand into new product areas. The company’s research team in Neuhausen is currently working to advance cannabinoids as effective therapeutic products for the pharmaceutical industry. Research and analytical scientists at the facility study some analogs of the cannabis plant, including dronabinol and cannabidiol.

Noramco’s European operation is also close to markets the company has targeted for expansion.

Anja Sens

“Moving into a new, larger space in Neuhausen, Switzerland, affords Noramco’s European team the breathing room it requires to better support the company’s growth vectors,” said James Mish, President and CEO.