In today’s fast-paced world of pharmaceutical commercialization, first to market with proven technology is often the key to better outcomes. Noramco today offers a range of pre-formulation solutions to help pharmaceutical industry customers reduce the time it takes to launch a product.

For example, more medicines, such as abuse-deterrent products, contain multiple APIs. The interaction of these APIs along with the excipients designated for use in abuse deterrent formulations presents significant technical challenges to the process of developing a finished dosage form. R&D scientists within Noramco draw from expertise in controlled APIs and particle engineering to provide robust preformulation solutions, which are detailed in comprehensive technical reports. Our partnerships with industry-leading excipient suppliers, moreover, enable preformulation options to be developed and delivered to effectively support finished dosage form development.

Additional solutions include API and impurity characterization studies that help to resolve stability and bioavailability problems. Noramco has a broad suite of analytical tools, technology, and expertise to troubleshoot developmental and commercial problems.

Noramco, in addition, helps to accelerate your dosage development by providing detailed technical reports that outline specific API and excipient compatibilities and by working in conjunction with excipient suppliers to deliver efficient pre-formulation options. Our R&D and Regulatory Affairs teams at Noramco also enable pharmaceutical product developers to advance these solutions within tight timeframes.

Solutions Noramco now supports include:

  • Pre-formulation solutions for abuse-deterrence pharmaceuticals
  • Advanced predictive API stability studies
  • API bioavailability enhancement solutions
  • API compatibility studies with select excipients
  • API particle sizing and characterization studies
  • World-class technical information and knowledge regarding potentially genotoxic impurities

Ask us for any information you may require to utilize our APIs in your finished dose and solve formulation challenges, or bring us a new problem to solve.