Ultra-Pure Synthetic Cannabinoids to Meet All Regulatory Requirements

Pharmaceutical companies trust Noramco to produce ultra-pure synthetic cannabinoid active ingredients that meet the strictest regulatory requirements of health authorities around the world. High capacity cGMP production facilities in Europe and the United States yield ultra-pure Cannabidiol (CBD), Dronabinol (THC), and Nabilone active ingredients.

Companies advancing cannabinoid pharmaceuticals toward regulatory approval in more than one country or region may partner with Noramco for global supply solutions. cGMP production is in place in Europe and the United States, making export and import of your cannabinoid APIs to the country of your choice fast, secure, and always in compliance.

Noramco assures API supply security and delivery to federally licensed pharmaceutical production facilities around the world.

Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals that partner with Noramco on Cannabinoid supply are afforded supply chain security. High-quality raw materials for the synthetic manufacture of cannabinoids is specifically dedicated at the start of any partnership, along with dedicated cannabinoids synthesis capacity, and secure delivery of API in full compliance with DEA import and export rules.

Major pharmaceutical companies are working toward or already hold licenses for synthetic cannabinoid-containing products. Noramco, the world’s largest producer of high-quality synthetic cannabinoid active ingredients, has large-volume annual capacity in place to consistently supply customers with multi-metric ton campaigns.

Noramco has the rising demand curve well-managed with additional investments in capacity underway for customers.

Noramco draws on more than 10 years of expertise in cannabinoid APIs to help Brand and Generic Pharmaceutical companies gain regulatory approval. Beginning with high-purity reference standards, continuing with clinical-scale volumes, and scaling up customers’ APIs following regulatory approval, Noramco assists customers at every phase.

Our Cannabinoid offering includes:

  • Synthetic Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Synthetic Dronabinol (THC)
  • Synthetic Nabilone
  • Cannabinoid Varians
  • Cannabinoid Reference Standards

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is the Federal Agency that regulates controlled substance activity in the United States.  By law, DEA permits imports of Schedule I and II substances only in specific situations (where competition is found to be inadequate, small quantities for analytical testing and, when a medical emergency exists).  This restriction can prevent companies using foreign suppliers or dosage form manufacturers from entering the US market. 

By operating GMP manufacturing facilities both within and outside of the United States, Noramco is uniquely positioned to service customers globally that wish to market their product in the US.