The World Leader in Addiction Treatment and Abuse Prevention Technology

For more than a decade Noramco has consistently delivered large volumes of Nal-family compounds and Buprenorphine HCI to the pharmaceutical industry. Noramco has made a long-term commitment to antagonist APIs, providing both the technologies and expertise pharmaceutical companies require to produce and commercialize addiction treatment and abuse prevention products (ATAP).

  • High-purity Naloxone HCl, Naltrexone, Naltrexone HCI, and Buprenorphine HCI.
  • Long-term commitment to Addiction Treatment and Abuse Prevention Products.
  • Precision Active Ingredients with Freedom to Operate, and Multiple Particle Sizes.
  • More than a Decade of Large-Scale Manufacture in Nal-family Compounds.

Meeting the highest purity requirements, holding high-volume capacity, and offering all antagonist APIs with freedom to operate in addiction treatment and abuse prevention, Noramco supports all companies working within the branded and generic markets.

Noramco maintains a regulatory footprint in antagonist APIs throughout the world to ensure pharmaceutical companies gain access to the products they need for addiction treatment and abuse prevention therapies. These products meet exacting low level impurity controls and are available in multiple particle sizes to assure the API fits their formulation.

Sterile applications are a cornerstone of our API offering.

Our commitment to the Nal-family of APIs is reflected from over a decade of supply in antagonists for addiction treatment and abuse prevention. A secure supply chain from raw materials to high-purity API is assured for Naloxone, Naltrexone, Naltrexone HCl, Buprenorphine Base, and Buprenorphine.