Say Hello to Elizabeth Abercrombie

Recently graduated, Elizabeth Abercrombie joined the company in June 2017 because she saw it as “an exciting and diverse place to work. I knew immediately I would be exposed to so many aspects of the industry that I would not experience elsewhere.”

Bringing energy, excitement, and curiosity to her position as Associate Analytical Scientist, she believes “Noramco is dedicated to hiring the best people possible and is capable of adapting to meet the needs of the industry.”

Since joining the company Elizabeth thinks “I have grown as an employee to become just one of the many minds working together to create solutions. I work together with the other members of the Dronabinol in ethanol team. I try to ask critical questions in order to develop the best possible solutions.”

Thankful not only for her professional opportunities but for her co-workers as well, she states “Each person has taught me something new or helped me in some way. Cary McGinnis has been one of my biggest mentors and has guided me through my transition from R&D Technician to Associate Analytical Scientist. She has taken the time to answer even the smallest of questions without complaint.”

When it comes to product innovation and the company’s growth, Elizabeth sees the value in both innovation and experience. “People work together to solve problems. Knowledge of other products is often beneficial to multiple other projects. Sharing information helps drive innovation and increase understanding of all people involved.”

With an eye on the future, she applies critical thinking skills to her daily tasks. Currently, she is working on several projects as part of the company’s venture into cannabinoids. “This project has been a dynamic learning experience not only to me but to those who are used to working on other very different drug products. The experience we gain in this project will carry forward into other cannabinoid projects.”

When she is not busy problem-solving at work, Elizabeth enjoys traveling around the world and spending quality time with her family. In her downtime, you can find her playing with her dog.