Say Hello to Jackie Johnson

Communication is key for Staff Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planner Jackie Johnson. She corresponds with personnel in various departments on the daily basis, collecting essential customer information which she uses to create efficient production plans to meet customer forecasts.

While communication is a part of the job, she states “I am lucky to be able to work with all departments. It is interesting to see the different perspectives and how all of our areas fit together to get the product out the door.” She even uses her daily interactions with coworkers to pick up new tricks of the trade. “From those who are younger, I have learned to search Google when I am stuck in SAP. From those who are older, I have learned things valuable to my job as well as personal life.” 

Since joining Noramco in the summer of 1997, Jackie has experienced company-wide innovation and growth but has noticed that one thing has remained the same over the years—our commitment to the customer. Jackie upholds this commitment by essentially building and maintaining the bridge that connects our company to the customer. Her day-to-day attention to detail and creative problem-solving keeps everyone and everything on track and is a vital component to our success as a company. She believes “Timely communication between the departments is important in ensuring we meet the customer forecast. In times of need, we work together to get what’s needed done.”

Working together, sharing knowledge, and supporting one another is important, especially at our busy corporate headquarters. Jackie appreciates not only the dedication of her coworkers, but their kindness too. “For me, there is a general feeling of family at Noramco. Over the years, I have been through a few challenges in my personal life. My co-workers have always been understanding and supportive.”

Outside of work, Jackie receives support from her loving family and pets. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and three growing children. On a chilly day you can find her snuggled up with her three dogs or having a nice chat with the family parrot. Jackie attributes her extensive problem-solving skills and positive mindset to her children. “My kids have taught me a lot about life and thinking outside of the box.”