Say Hello to Dan Hallow

Making active pharmaceutical ingredients at an extraordinary level of quality is one of the most challenging milestones to reach within the pharmaceutical industry, but nobody does that better than the chemical engineers at Noramco.

More specifically, process engineers, like Dan Hallow.

“I see my role as a technical leader with an emphasis in chemical engineering that can influence the process development to ensure engineering issues are addressed early in the development of new products,” Dan said.

At this moment, the R&D department is readying new production lines for a series of new products coming into Noramco’s facilities. Advancing enzymatic processes for some products, Dan and others look closely at every throughput factor, to fine tune everything, from the equipment used, to step configuration, and operational parameters, such as temperature, and pressure.

 “The entire R&D department is extraordinary in their level of engagement and technical expertise to ensure the very best processes at commercial scale. I believe Noramco really strives to produce the very best quality, by way of ongoing innovation, and by a total commitment to supply API that makes the manufacture of finished dosage forms safe, secure, and efficient,” said Dan.

Dan is impressed by the large number of production systems, new process and product development programs currently in progress at Noramco. The company’s capability to consistently supply the highest quality products generates a steady flow of new opportunities to make APIs for Pharmaceutical companies large and small.

“I see that the company atmosphere is a key factor driving our high-quality products. The team is committed to advancing the processes that assure high-purity synthesis of APIs, made smartly. And that builds strong bonds, both at the molecular level and among everyone at Noramco,” Dan said.

Outside of work, Dan takes good care of his family, Melissa, his wife, daughter, Ana, and son, Ben. Time permitting, you can find Dan on the road, running or biking.

Dan and family during a recent to trip to Croatia/Slovenia.